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the fact that patients are not billed. that argument has been successfully used year after year to keep companies from taking over the service. it gives the states the option of keeping the accreditation. that means caring to paramedics on board. but because money is so tight, a decision to hire has been pushed back. insurance billing patients is not a done deal. >> i think it will be good for everyone to sit down and lay all of that out and talk about whether it's a direction we want to go or not. >> the issue is so complex and generates seven questions that those that would be involved in the study have until next january to submit findings. >> also in annapolis, lawmakers are weighing a proposal that would release some prisoners back onto the streets in -- enough that an entire facility could be closed. staffing could also be reduced. lawmakers are concerned about finding the $700 million it takes to support the divisions of corrections operations. you can learn more about the proposal and other bills by going to and clicking on politics. >> fears of a nuclear meltdown in
. the u.s. fired more than 100 cruise missiles into libya today as french fighter jets targeted the that the postal -- khaddafi 's fighters from above. >> u.s. officials say this will not be a ground war. u.s. troops will not be on the ground in libya. so far, 110 vessels have been lost from the sea into libyan territory targeting communication sites, air defense sites, to make it safe enough for aircraft to find -- to flat over libya to enforce a no-fly zone. -- to fly over libya to enforce a no-fly zone. khaddafi officials are calling this a brutal assault. they are sticking by a cease- fire. on the ground today, there was no cease-fire. khaddafi pulse of course this but asked about the pulse el -- cannot pay -- >> president obama has promised u.s. ground forces will not enter libya. his decision has upset some lawmakers. obama said the u.s. and its allies had no toys but to act. brian moore has the story from washington. >> bomar gaddafi -- khaddafi defied orders. >> over 110 tomahawk cruise missiles fired from u.s. and british ships struck more than 20 integrated air defense
from his national security team as the u.s. sends more support to japan. >> an explosion in one reactor and fire in another sent dangerous levels of radiation into the air and left a boiling pool of nuclear fuel at the plant. >> we need now for everybody to move out of the 12-20 kilometer radius from the no. 1 plant. >> levels of radiation spite, then dropped sharply by the end of the day. the government impose a no-fly zone over the area for commercial aircraft. >> this was a double barrel whammy, as they say. >> the energy secretary sold -- told a senate panel backed an aircraft carrier arrived to detect radiation in the air and on the ground. others will monitors the sebec areas. >> we are managing teams at the consulate and military installations in japan. >> our sister station was told that it is important to provide constant oversight of our facilities here at home. >> i have already been instructed our nuclear regulatory agency to ensure that we take lessons learned from what is happening in japan and that we are constantly upgrading how we approach our nuclear safety in this cou
to become ill -- to become eligible for the college tuition break. these schools have open enrollment. u.s. citizens would not be displaced. after completing two years of study, they could transfer to a four-year institution and still get the in state college tuition rates. >> what we want to do is for kids to have been slain by the rules, going to school and doing what they're told, have good grades and marketing in to school on their own neddick -- merits, no one is getting in on a free ride. >> undocumented students may be given a 4000-6000 -- $4,000- $6,000 braked at the college level. >> how is it going to help our work force to get in-state tuition to be illegal aliens when they're not allowed to work in this state anyway? >> the bill mandates illegal immigrants prove either they or their parents paid maryland taxes for two years prior to enrollment. they would also have to submit proof they're attempting to become u.s. citizens. >> i think they are afraid of change. the state is changing. >> the senate president anticipates a prolonged debate. he is calling members in early and is c
again, state investigators will make the call. the state prosecutor's office is looking at his use of county police officers assigned to him for executive production -- protection. last fall it was a police officer who want to the union office to pick up a $4,000 check the union paid to his campaign. today his spokesperson said the county executive recalls other occasions on which his county- funded security detail collected campaign donations. the state prosecutor office investigations. n he got what he wanted by vetoing parts of a compromise bill approved by the county council. the spokesperson side of the bottle questioning the timing of outside investigation. to go the president of the firefighters' union says investigators have asked for a copy of the check. the police detail picked up for the union. police officers make up the security detail. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the mayor of baltimore city said she did not violate ethics law as boarding as a member of the board of estimates. her husband is employed at john hopkins. >> costs not one single route to an item tha
. the group was using graphic posters depicting aborted babies. they admit their methods may be shocking, but said they have the right to protest and filed suit in federal court for violation of their first amendment rights after they were arrested. >> the town of bellaire police cooperated and harford county actually in corp. -- incarcerated us and egregiously searched the women who were involved. >> i was arrested, imprisoned, shackled, and strip searched twice. >> harford county has agreed to settle. only one of the terms of settlement is being disclosed, a policy change that harford county has agreed to. >> involves a policy change that would prevent the type of search that happened in the harford county detention center from ever happening again in a first amendment in the end of first amendment context. >> we are asking that the maryland state police would protect our rights and that we can protest without the fear of the maryland state police exercising an authority that they do not and should not have to arrest us without reason. >> bellaire police did not return our phone calls.
. this is a potentially catastrophic disaster. we have more on the u.s. response. >> president obama says that his thoughts and prayers are with the people and they are ready to help with whatever they need. the night sky over japan with fires still burning. >> of the magnitude -- the 8.9 magnitude quake rattled everything from offices to the japanese legislature. more than 50 aftershocks followed. there was a trail of devastation on the ground. >> this is unlike anything we have experienced here before. >> a massive tsunami unleashed a wave of water in coastal areas near the epicenter northeast of tokyo. it destroyed everything in its path. >> i am heartbroken by this tragedy. >> president obama pledged u.s. assistance in japan. >> today's events remind us how fragile life can be. our hearts go out to our friends in japan and across the region and we will stand with them as they recover and rebuild. >> the military are the has a ship in japan and more headed to the region. robert gates says that u.s. forces are prepared to help. >> this is a huge disaster and we will do anything we are asked to d
across the u.s. and political upheaval in the middle east is mostly to blame. 11 news reporter brian mooar has the story from washington. >> the showdown in libya and uncertainty across the middle east are hitting america where it hurts. >> they're killing us. they are killing us. i am out of work. >> from the garden state to the golden state, americans are paying the price. >> how do you fight it? >> not just that the pumps. >> you are going to go into delivery. >> how much more are we going to spend, i cannot answer. >> people will not be able to afford the house is that they have to pay for gas. >> field prices are weighing on the economy just as it showed a rebounding. >> it has sky rocketed. libya is one of the top 12 in production. >> brian mooar, but wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can calculate your gas mileage on our website, still ahead, a drunk priest caught on camera. a look at how storms are impacting the midwest and how we will be affected. the latest in the ibm ♪ i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and they try to pic
. the democratic candidate for vice president. >> america is a land where dreams can come true for all of us. >> and geraldine ferraro became a running mate in 1984. >> vice-president has such a nice ring to it. >> this is an exciting tourist. [applause] -- an exciting choice. >> she was the daughter of an italian immigrant in the new york congresswoman. >> i spent six years in congress so i know the issues. >> could you push the nuclear button? >> i can do whatever is necessary in order to protect the security of this country. >> gender became a campaign issue and she fought back. >> let me help you between the difference between iran and the embassy in lebanon. >> let me just say, first of all, that i write -- i resent that you need to teach me about foreign policy. a landslide came that november when bush and reagan were reelected. her husband, john zaccaro, convicted for financial fraud. in 1998, she was diagnosed with an incurable form of a bone marrow cancer. >> i do not want to have a big "c" on my face. i am still going to go on. >> a writer come up local commentator, a grandmother w
-profit to protect from being raided. >> states senators approved a bill giving residents who use marijuana for medicinal purposes a legal defense. right now, if someone is caught using the drug, they face a $100 fine and a misdemeanor. >> individuals charged and a meat the thresholds, small quantities, and they can show the medical necessity, a judge shall find them innocent. >> the measure passed in the senate by a 41-6 vote. the house is considering its own proposal. >> martin o'malley says he strongly supports the idea of merging the university of maryland's college park and the university of maryland baltimore. right now, md. separate medical and professional schools. a proposal for the university system to study how a merger could be carried out has not been included in the senate budget language. >> investigators are now searching for the cause of a fire in east point. we were over the scene about an hour ago in the 7500 block of cars and avenue. firefighters arrived and found one, fully engulfed in flames. that fire started in that holland caught on to another home nearby. unfortuna
the libyan people. >> robert gates said the u.s. would turn over control as soon as saturday. the administration had a clearly defined and a game. >> there are any number of possible outcomes here and no one is in a position to predict them. it was tricky for the president. they did not feel like to receive proper notification. you have a big commitment that many people would like to explain. >> some say turning over control to an international coalition might not look good politically. >> everyone would like to think that we are in charge. when you have a commander in chief says that we will defer this to nato, that will allow them -- to get -- that will allow them to get beat up by a different set of critics. >> before you go, do we have any idea of what this is costing the u.s.? >> well, one analyst is putting the cost at more than $1 billion. the congressional research service says it depends on a number of factors including how long this operation lasts and how much other countries chipping in. >> thank you. a new video service on line of a bomb exploding near civilians
ever bring sarah back to us. or repair the deep the hole in my heart. but knowing that this error, this child rapist is now permanently off of our streets will bring some small measure of closure to this entire nightmare. >> he pleads guilty to her murder, sexual abuse, and kidnapping. >> we can all move on. including the community. >> it is hard to forget christmas day 2009 after a massive search. detectives figure him as a suspect from the beginning because the sex offender was actually being the little girl's and. -- dating the little girls's aunt. he had to admit to all of the crimes until authorities how he did. in exchange, he would not face the death penalty. it had one positive impact throughout the state. they introduced the legislation to strengthen the sex offender laws. >> he will be gone forever, and a lot of that has to do with legislation we have passed. >> he addressed the family saying he was sorry and would do whatever was necessary to make sure a similar crime was never committed again. the mother and father said they were disgusted by this. they will rest somew
collect and document income eligibility from families, grant money was used for unauthorized work, there was no consistency in documenting credentials of lead abatement contractors, and one company on the number of properties was also paid as a contractor for abatement work. madeleine shaikh, who ran the program, now works for the state department. she declined comment. the spokesperson says she's disappointed and calls what happened clear the unexpected -- and expectable. the city said it requested a six month extension when it revised the could not meet its goal. hud denied the extension. apparently, 13 people work in the lead abatement program. with the loss of funding, seven people are expected to lose their jobs. >> in tonight's education alert, some hertford county parents will be the first to tell you that persistence pays off. for months, they have opposed a different plan to redraw elementary school boundary lines. tim tooten has been following this story. >> tensions have been running high in hertford county where there have been proposals to move kids out of bazell 33.
imitating art. we have the exclusive video to prove it. our reporter joins us live from downtown with the latest. >> the u.s. attorney's office says it's one of the largest cases to be prosecuted in baltimore city with more than 20 people facing charges at the federal level. felicia pearson is well known for playing snoop on "the wire." she is charged with distributing heroin but they would not comment further. she is one of 63 who were arrested in an early-morning drug bust. many of the suspects are accused of getting hairline and other drugs to sell here in baltimore. local, state, and federal officials have been investigating the since 2008. more than 60 people have been arrested but officials are still looking for more. >> this should be a reminder to every bad guy in the city that we have a good team coming to get you. we have a good team of federal partners. we of a good team of state partners. we have a good team of guys that will hunt you down and bring you to justice. >> that happened at 4:00 this morning. one of our lead reporters was the only one on the streets and we
that no u.s. ground forces will be sent into libya. >> watch live at wbal tv and act we will have that speech live at 7:30 p.m. >> fire officials say a suspicious package found near the help the apartment building in anne arundel county was just a briefcase. -- the health department building in anne arundel county was just a briefcase. members of the bomb squad said the case was empty and perhaps someone just put it next to the trash bin to throw it away. >> baltimore officials say its murder rate is going down. the police chief said the murder rate from 2009 to thousand 10 is down 10%. police credit -- to 2010 is down 10%. police credit increased patrol officer presents. >> old techniques along with new technology has made us safer in the county. >> police said that in the last five years murders are down 50%. >> tonight, a teenager is dead and another injured in a double shooting in northeast baltimore the call came in around 8:00 p.m. in the 3200 block of emily avenue. >> police have identified the victim as 17-year-old steven oglesby. police have made no arrests, but
was sponsored by the republican legislator. the governor is tried to ban the use of set the systems in large developments. -- septic systems in large develop this. >> we have more on the contentious debate over immigrants and college rates. >> the biggest issue brought up today is whether this bill is fair to students who are here legally on navy said -- on a visa. >> attention and it chambers was palpable. up for debate, a bill that would allow students that were here illegally to get in-state tuition at maryland colleges >. >> said they are here through no fault of their own. we should be encouraging them. >> they are here illegally. any way you talk about this, you have to skip over the fact that these are people who was-you were here. this begs the fairness question. >> the issue was taught to debated in the senate floor. opponents think this is rewarding the wrong behavior, giving illegal immigrants the same rights as those who have citizenship. >> what do you think this sends to people who are waiting in line and filling up their papers and getting out their green card. this is worth i
their family for their funerals. >> a legal analyst tells us that the ruling actually puts a burden on state and local jurisdictions to come off with new laws to prevent this kind of behavior. if we will have much more on the news conference at 11:00. >> we have posted a full opinion on you can answer the question, do you agree with the opinion? 11% agree with the decision but 89% disagree. you can vote right on the homepage of >> tonight, the same sex marriage bill remains in limbo. a baltimore city delegate who held up a committee vote on the measure says she's ready to vote but tonight, there might be a new wrinkle. we go live inside of the state house with the very latest on this. >> for the delicate, mission accomplished. she said all she wanted to do was to get the chairman of the committee and the house speaker to listen to our concerns about school funding and a family long measure. >> you are ready to vote in favor of this bill as soon as the chairman calls for a vote. >> absolutely. there are some things that i wanted to have discussed. they were discussed y
can. >> this is raising questions about the safety of nuclear power plants here in the u.s. they say 23 of the 104 reactors operating in this country have the same design as those at fukushima. they fear the u.s. is unprepared to respond to a nuclear disaster. >> power reactors are decades old. we have lots of problems with those reactors and problems that we do not have a regulatory structure that is on top of how dangerous those reactors are. >> the members of congress calling for a moratorium on new plants. >> we need to call a timeout and examine whether or non those safety features which are going to be necessary in the future are built into the new nuclear plants in our country. >> the chairman of the nuclear regulatory commission say nuclear plants in the u.s. are safe and are designed to withstand significant natural disasters including earthquakes and tsunami is. >> we will always take whatever steps necessary to ensure the safety and security of nuclear power plants in this country, but right now we believe we have a very strong program in place. >> do winehouse says the pr
publicly answered questions about u.s. involvement. sally is live with the latest. >> the president says regime change is not the focus of the current mission. he says other efforts are underway to make that happen. >> it is very easy to square our military actions and our stated policies. >> president obama clarifying the u.s. mission in libya. >> it is u.s. policy that gaddafi needs to go. we have a wide range of tools in addition to our military efforts to support a policy. >> the commander of u.s. operations in libya says regime change may not be the outcome of the current limited mission. >> is the ideal? i do not think anyone would say that is ideal. >> the general says u.s. and british forces launched a dozen tomahawk missiles monday, again focusing on gaddafi facilities. >> our mission is clear and we are moving forward. >> some analysts say it would be a mistake to allow gaddafi to stay in power. >> they are trying to buy time for those in the opposition to be able to put together a sufficient force to be able to overthrow gaddafi on their own. >> the u.s. military says oppositi
exposure. the evacuation zone around one plant has been expanded. officials in u.s. are monitoring the situation. brian mooar has that part of the story from washington. >> first in the massive earthquake. then the deadly tsunami. now japan is facing fears of a nuclear crisis after this power plant was rocked by an explosion saturday afternoon. the united states is watching through the regulatory commission, just one way the american government and people are responding as the toll of the japanese tragedy becomes into focus. president obama has gotten regular briefings in the white house. in the disaster zone, 90 u.s. navy helicopters are delivering food, supplies, and hope. the federal management agency dispatched teams from fairfax, va., and los angeles. veterans of disasters around the world. >> we imagine all lot like the katrina scenario with new orleans. >> americans are donating to the red cross and other relief agencies across the u.s. hoping to help those in need a world away. but hawaii and the west coast are still assessing their own damage after the tsunami reached our
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person to come and and move us forward? i think we are at that point in time. she will take her first vacation in a year and a half and is looking at what other opportunities would allow her to work with children. >> i will see what best fits with my skill set. >> she has no indication who her successor will be. saidv. martin o'malley from her days teaching deaf children in baltimore to serving as a head of the public-school system she has been regarded as a champion for many of the progress of reforms implemented. we will have much more on this coming up tonight. >>> you can see many of the stories we covered under nancy grasmick's 10 year at >>> there are some strings attached to state aid for the maryland horse racing industry. -- theernor's bill legislation is in the hands of the senate committee. david collins is live inside the state house with more. >> changes have not appeased critics but supporters say it gives the general assembly more oversight. the proposed subsidy to help cover daily expenses at pimlico now has strings attached. the state required track owners
nest every time i close my eyes. i think of everything we use to do. >> his family said that the staff sergeant love to the core and loved leading his men. -- love the marine corps and loved leading his men >> he never asked them to do anything he would not do, too. and that is what they said. he did not have to go on those patrols, but he went on everyone. -- every single one. >> there is a wall of photos of their son as a young boy and as a young man. and with all this pain, they know their son died doing what he wanted to do, serving his country. >> he always said that if he was to die he would want to die in combat. and he did. we will miss him very much, very, very much. >> funeral arrangements are pending. >> u.s. forces recovered two american pilots after their plane crashed over libya. this comes on day four of a multi nation operation over there. sally kidd is in washington with the latest. >> good evening, rob. if the crew of that jet suffered only minor injuries. the crash happened as coalition forces were expanding the no-fly zone. >> military commanders say the f-15 was co
and the national spelling bee. >> kmbc introduces us. -- kim basie introduces us. >> a traitor emily durell is the top speller in anne arundel county. she won the spelling bee last month. she came in second place last year and this year, she took home the trophy after hours of working with her language arts teacher at croft in the middle school on her spelling lists. her to dress code students for years, preparing them for the county be. in -- the county bee. she says amalie is one of her brightest students yet. she is now on her way to the spelling bee in washington d.c. and her teacher will help her prepare. >> fayed cooper, who won the county bee last year, she said she would give me a call and let me some of her materials, which is phenomenal. >> emily said she will not worry too much about how far she makes it, but will do her best to enjoy the entire experience, no matter what. >> it is going to be a fun experience. it is a whole week in d.c., all expenses paid. >> her teacher thinks that she has the potential to go far with dedication and practice. but she knows she will come home wi
-- whetherleop -- whether of leopold lost a security detail on purpose. he used the unit, prosecutors said, to make a campaign donation. >> investigators are trying to find out what started a fire at a columbia road apartment complex. two firefighters are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. all residents were able to get out on their own. in canada rental county -- anne arundel county, there was a report of of gas over. students at the middle and high school were released at 10:00 while a breeze investigated. the source of the smell is a mystery. >> police say she was killed during a robbery. now the authorities are looking for her killer. >> for those who live and work in this section of frederick, they are calling this case are pricking and tragic. a female worker at the burger king restaurant behind me found shot to death. residents are stunned by a murder in a city that only had two murders in all of 2010. >> it is horrible. >> police got a 911 call around 6:00 friday morning from a female employee he at this burger king, that another employe he was found shot to death. th
. it was set to expire tonight. nikole killion joins us live. how much extra time are we talking now? >> the new extension will only be for a week, to give both sides more time to work out a deal. >> the parties have agreed to a seven-day extension. >> the announcement was made by federal mediator falling 11 days of negotiations between the nfl and the players' union. >> the fact that we are continuing this dialogue is a positive sign. >> the commissioner is optimistic about the talks. >> we look forward to deal coming out of that. >> both sides acknowledge they are still far apart. >> is a challenge. we have very serious issues and significant differences, but we are committed to collective bargaining. >> among the biggest issues is money, and how to divide the $9 billion the league pulls in each year. sports analyst said a longer extension buys more time to reach a new agreement, but can it work? >> there is a glimmer of hope. to a lot of people, they are saying it is just throwing out the inevitable. >> all of that crown can be covered. if not, you are looking at a whole different
use of this tactic for breaking tactics. -- raising taxes. >> reporting live from annapolis, david collins, wbal tv 11 news. >> the police are investigating a shooting involving a kent county sheriff. it happened in chestertown about 12:30 p.m. this morning. police say residents were tied up while one home was ransacked. police later caught up with the suspects during a percent in a stolen vehicle. the suspect was shot when he attempted to run down an officer. that person is being treated as shocked -- shocked, right now. the other person was not injured. >> a gun is stolen from a restaurant in fells point, and the serial numbers traced back to baltimore city police commander. now major anthony brown is suspended pending an i-team investigation. >> with major anthony brown being the registered owner of the gun, city police want to know why it was in the possession of a restaurant owner in southeast baltimore. major anthony brown is suspended as baltimore city police investigate how a personal weapon registered to him was in the possession of a southeast baltimore restaurant owner.
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